Dame Jeanne

Illustrated Collective

An illustrators’ collective sharing their perspectives of Bordeaux

Dame Jeanne is a cultural association, bringing artists together around the common theme of « Bordeaux and its surroundings ». It is composed of 11 members - illustrators, graphic designers, painters and photographers - who love their city.
The members of the collective, who come from all over France, each convey their own unique point of view and personal style. As a result, the collective is able to offer a wide variety of graphic works reflecting Bordeaux and its surroundings.
The association takes its name from the dame Jeanne (Lady Joan), a big bottle used in the past to transport and store liquids such as wine, a hint to one of Bordeaux’s most famous cultural aspect. Here, this lovely bottle allows us to maintain and to share the illustrated heritage of Bordeaux.

The activities of the bottle

Dame Jeanne wishes to publish 2 collections of posters and postcards per year, each collection being composed of 33 different illustrations (each of the 11 funding members creates 3 illustrations).

The posters are first introduced during an launch event, followed by an exhibition, before being submitted to various sellers, galleries, local stores, pop-up and e-shops.

Our press kit to download